Why Everyone Should Be Using Wheat Straw Water Bottles

wheat straw bottles

No one denies that the world is drowning in plastic, with a majority of our plastic waste ending up in the ocean. Unfortunately, humans have not done enough to combat our use of plastic in our everyday lives. This has severely impacted our Earth and will continue to do so.

Luckily, all of us can contribute to the fight against plastic waste. One way to do this is by replacing our plastic use with more sustainable options, such as wheat straw. Wheat straw is a compostable, reusable material that comes from the waste produced when wheat grains are harvested.

Here are a few reasons on why you should look to use wheat straw water bottles instead of plastic bottles.

1. It’s Biodegradable

When you are looking to be environmentally-conscious, the word biodegradable goes a long way. Instead of simply throwing your water bottle away and it ends up in the ocean, a wheat straw water bottle will easily break down in a short amount of time and will never end up as permanent waste.

The biodegradable aspect comes from wheat straw’s origin as a grain, an already organic material.

2. There’s an Abundance of It

Wheat straw is a great option to consider over other “eco-friendly” materials because of how abundant it is. Wheat straw is produced from the waste that farmers create when harvesting grain, and usually ends up burnt as waste.

By creating a demand for wheat straw, you are not only avoiding the waste that comes from harvesting grain, but you are also replacing the use of plastic.

3. It’s Very Durable

One of the main benefits of using plastic is that it is durable, so it can be shipped long distances and used for water bottles. At the same time, many people want water bottles that won’t instantly break on their first use. Wheat straw is the perfect answer.

Wheat straw has been genetically modified to become a plastic-like material and is very sturdy and reliable. 

4. Can Handle Most Liquids

Far too many “eco-friendly” water bottles usually fail in their purpose of being a water bottle. Specifically, the material usually fails and allows water to leak, or will not keep your drink warm or cold after a long amount of time.

Luckily, wheat straw is a material that solves this problem. For example, wheat straw travel mugs can keep your liquids warm or cold, so long as the liquid is under 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you can use wheat straw water bottles for things like your morning coffee or your workout smoothie.

Start Using Wheat Straw Water Bottles Now!

Wheat straw water bottles are a great solution to both the problem of leftover harvested grain waste and to the problem of extra plastic. This is an affordable solution that you can use on a daily basis, and can easily compost when you no longer need it!

If you want to help the environment and buy your first wheat straw water bottle, be sure to check out our many great options!

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