Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Tea Infuser

top qualities to look for in tea infuser

Over five million tons of tea are produced every year. If you’re looking for ways to brew that perfect cup, then a tea infuser is just what you need. 

What’s a tea infuser and how does it brew better tea? Here’s our guide on the top five qualities of tea infusers and how to choose the perfect one. 

What Is a Tea Infuser?

A tea infuser is a tool that lets you steep loose tea leaves while keeping them contained in one place. It allows the tea leaves to brew properly while also making it easier to clean up and remove. 

Most tea infusers are made of a fine mesh that allows water to flow through without losing any tea leaves. They work similarly to tea bags but are more eco-friendly because they can be reused. 

Why Use a Tea Infuser?

Tea aficionados will tell you that loose-leaf tea is higher-quality and offers better flavors. This is because tea bags can contain poor-quality leaves and residue that brews poor tea.

Tea bags are also too tightly packed and don’t allow the leaves to expand while brewing. This results in poor-quality tea because expanding leaves release more flavor. 

When you choose loose-leaf over bags, you’ll be able to get more of the healthy antioxidants and health benefits of tea. Before you brew a cup of loose-leaf tea though, you’ll need a tea infuser. 

Five Qualities to Look for

When shopping for a new tea infuser, you’ll want to pay attention to the qualities of each design. Most tea infusers are made of stainless steel, bamboo, or silicone. Here are five qualities to look for in choosing the perfect tea infuser for you. 

1. Size

The best tea infusers will be large enough to let tea leaves expand fully. This is an important step of brewing tea because it gives the best flavor. Try to find tea infusers that are oval in shape and not too compact. 

2. Usability

If usability is your main concern, then tea ball infusers are the best option. They’re more compact in size but are easy to fill and drop into your hot water. 

Tea ball infusers are perfect for making single cups of tea. They’re usually made of stainless-steel mesh, which prevents rust and lasts a long time. 

3. BPA-Free

Many silicone infusers are designed as cute animals and make a perfect treat for children. If you opt for silicone, look out for BPA-free models that are free from toxins. 

4. Travel-Friendly

If you like to brew tea on the go, then choosing a travel-friendly tea infuser will give you an easy way to brew fresh tea. You can find collapsible infusers that are large enough for leaves to expand but collapse into a compact shape when finished. There are also travel mugs and fruit and tea infuser bottles available that have built-in strainers. 

5. Flavor-Friendly

For the best tea flavor, choose an infuser basket made from woven bamboo. Most tea connoisseurs prefer this option because the bamboo doesn’t interfere with flavor like steel and plastic.  

Brewing Eco-Friendly Tea

Brewing loose-leaf tea with an infuser is an eco-friendly way to enjoy the benefits of fresh tea. You can choose from a wide variety of infuser designs that fit your lifestyle and preferences. If you can’t choose one, try buying a tea infuser set so you always have the perfect option. 

Here’s a bonus tip: While you wait for your new infuser to come in the mail, try to make a tea infuser by using your french press. 

Want more ways to make your tea eco-friendly? Shop our popular wheat straw travel mug for your on-the-go tea. 

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