Top 5 Non-plastic Water Bottles To Take On Your Next Hiking Trip

best water bottles for hiking trips

Around 60% of the human body is made up of water. Which is why it’s essential to stay consistently hydrated in order to tap into the many benefits  H2O has to offer. However, you also want to find the ideal nonplastic water bottle to keep your water cold, and chemical-free.

Read on to discover our recommendations for the top non-plastic water bottles currently on the market.

1. Supersport Stainless Steel Thermos

Keep your water at your desired temperature while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. This bottle choice can end your use of single-use plastic bottles for good.

Not only will these stainless steel thermos help keep your water icy throughout your hike but you can also use them when you return home to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

With hot items staying hot for up to 12 hours and cold beverages remaining cool for 24 hours it’s the ideal choice for hiking and relaxing.

2. Glass Water Bottles with Rattan Protectors

If you’re looking to stay hydrated while still maintaining your style throughout your hike, these water bottles are the perfect fit. You’ll find the Easy Grip design can sustain even the steepest of hikes.

Not to mention the fact that the bottle comes in beautiful colors like beige, light green, pink, and sky blue.

3. Glass Printed Yoga Water Bottles

Just because you pushing your limits with a nice hike, doesn’t mean that you have to miss the opportunity to show off one of your favorite pastimes.

This glass water bottle will keep your water stay cool while displaying the inspirational “yoga made me do it” design.

4. Wood Grain Double-Walled Coffee Thermos

Think your favorite Thermo is just for coffee? Then you haven’t tried it out on your favorite hiking trails yet. One of the primary benefits of these bottles is that they’re entirely leak-proof and can easily be thrown into your backpack without the risk of water spilling onto your gear.

Which means you can move more freely and conquer even greater heights.

5. Silicone Collapsible Water Bottles

If your hikes tend to be on the lengthy side, chances are you need to keep your backpack fully stocked. Which means that you may not have room for a large water bottle with you for the majority of your hike.

Thankfully, silicone collapsible water bottles can become incredibly compact allowing them to fit in even the snuggest of bags.

Choosing Nonplastic Water Bottles to Help the Environment

By making the choice to use nonplastic water bottles.  you’ll be taking a step in the right direction towards preserving the beautiful nature that you find on your favorite trails. If everyone does their part, we can make a massive dent in our current environmental crisis, while leaving a better planet for future generations.

Check out our extensive collection of water bottles for more eco-living and Sustainable Solutions to reduce your carbon footprint with every step.

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