Ecofriendly Bottles for Your Return to the Gym

Signing up for a gym membership and actually going are two very different things, and sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to get there and stay there. After a long year away from public spaces, getting back to your fitness routine can seem daunting. The many hours we used to spend each week giving our body the love and attention it deserves seem like a figment of a distant past.

So it’s not surprising that now it’s harder than ever to rebuild sustainable habits and make the gym an activity that you just do – not a chore within your piles of to do lists. Show appreciation for yourself and the hard work you’ll be restarting by finding a new gym staple: an ecofriendly water bottle.

Water is essential to bring to the gym so you might as well have one that looks as good as you want to feel and one that is both sustainable for regular gym goers and the planet! No one enjoys having a graveyard of plastic bottles stuffed in their gym bag or thrown in the back of the car. Not only that, even though plastic is recyclable there is a high probability that it still ends up in a landfill. So find that perfect bottle that fits your lifestyle, and let it kickstart you into a new year of healthier habits and a healthier planet.

1. Diamond Texture Non-Slip Bottle

Whether you’re training for a marathon or weight training to shlep your kids and groceries in one go, our Portable Sport Water Bottle has all the bells and whistles you could ask for. It comes in four different sizes so you can haul around as much or as little water as you’d like, which comes in handy especially if you are in a place that is particularly warm or if you’re just particularly thirsty. Wrapped in a diamond textured easy-to-grip material, the Sport Bottle is prepared for even your hardest of leg days, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping while you break a sweat. The flip top lid, too, has athletes and gym goers in mind. At the push of a button, you can get the hydration you need, quickly, and without fumbling to twist a lid whilst running at seven mph on the treadmill. If you are getting back to doing some serious training after a hiatus, take the Portable Sport Bottle with you for an extra boost of confidence.

2. Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Bottle

Maybe you’re looking for a bottle that looks fresh and that you’re still able to show off and carry easily. This Portable BPA free sports  bottle is exactly what you needed to appear atop your search engine list. It’s light and airy pastel colors are subtle but can give you an aura of a fresh start and make a statement without it being too much. It also features easy to read measurements on the side to track your water intake with a single glance so you can pace yourself accordingly throughout your work out. The best parts about this one, though, are its weight and holding strap. The aspect some people like about ordinary plastic bottles is that they are lightweight and shaped to your hand. Well even when filled, this ecofriendly water bottle won’t weigh you down and with the added strap on the lid will stay secure around your wrist for those long-haul workouts you can’t put your water down for. The simple mantra of “Health Everyday,” also gives it another touch of personality to set it apart from all the others in line for the refill station.

3. Eddy Insulated CamelBak Bottle

One always worth mentioning is the standard Eddy Insulated CamelBak bottle. These guys introduced the flip, bite, sip straw that changed things for water drinkers everywhere. The accidental slosh of water in the eye, dropping caps on the gym floor to get rehydrated – its irritating and kind of yucky if it ends up on the ground more than a few times. With this BPA free bottle, you just push into a latch and the straw comes right to your lips – no hassle or time wasted by dripping or dropping if you’re in a hurry. They have even improved the water flow of the straw by an additional 25% so you can feel confident that you’ll get enough to drink. Slim and easy to grasp, the Eddy CamelBak bottle fits around most hands (kids or petite adults alike) and also features a hook so you can easily latch it to a fanny pack, a machine, or just whatever is close by. They offer many colors, too, to add some flair to your new favorite healthy habit.

4. Easy Grip Stainless Steel Sport Thermos

It’s no problem if you want something that will work reliably with minimal frills, too. The Stainless Steel Sport Thermos is exactly the ecofriendly bottle you are looking for. Its curved silhouette and indented form allows you to hold on comfortably and without straining or using both hands to ensure a solid grip. Its wide mouth lid not only keeps your gym bag safe from unexpected leaks, it also makes it a breeze to clean in between your gym trips and makes it possible to add ice, too, when you need it. You are guaranteed a cold sip of water with this bottle so you can feel refreshed even by the time you reach your cool down. Its tough stainless steel shell won’t break under pressure either so it will certainly last beyond your next 30 day challenge. And if that wasn’t enough, the lid is also magnetic to keep it from falling when you are taking that water break. The Stainless Steel Sport Thermos is simple, solid, and secure.

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