How to Use Less Plastic: 5 Tips for Reducing Your Footprint

tips for reducing your plastic footprint

Plastic is convenient for people, but not for nature. There are billions of tons of plastic circulating. Worse, 91 percent of it isn’t recycled.

A problem that big can feel too overwhelming to solve. You aren’t going to save the planet on your own, true. But figuring out how to use less plastic is still a worthy cause.

Reducing plastic use requires a lot of attention to small details. Here are five ways to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life.

1. Use Bar Soap Instead of Bottles 

Sure, that body wash in a bottle smells like strawberries. But is it giving you any benefits you can’t get from a bar of soap?

Probably not. If you think bar soap dries your skin out too much, look for products that are extra moisturizing.

Bar soap can still work up a lather in the shower. But once you’re done with a bar of soap, you don’t have to throw away a plastic bottle.

2. Skip the Straw

If you’re on social media, you’ve no doubt seen a friend post about the extreme amount of plastic straw waste. 

Cities have heard it too, and they’re responding, especially on the West Coast. Seattle became the first city to ban single-use straws in 2018. 

Other cities and states have realized banning straws completely hurts disabled people. In states like California, you can get a straw on request.

If you don’t live in one of those cities, you can still do your part. Next time you’re swinging by the drive-thru for a soda, tell the worker you don’t need a straw.

3. Drink From Reusable Bottles

Not long ago, bottled water was everywhere.

Nowadays, going to the gym means you’re way more likely to see people with insulated water bottles made of stainless steel. These bottles are easy to wash and perfectly portable.

For some people, they’re a bit less convenient. But creating less waste is worth a little extra trouble. 

4. Keep a Grocery Bag in Your Car

We’ve all been there: You’re in the line at the grocery store when you realize you forgot your reusable grocery bag.

That’s frustrating because now you have to use plastic or paper bags. Paper is better than plastic, but it’s still not ideal.

If you travel via car, keep a reusable grocery bag in the backseat. That way, it will always be there when you decide to swing by the grocery store on your way home from work.

5. Avoid Plastic Wrap

You’ve cooked a great dinner that your family loves. But the serving sizes were so huge that you have leftovers. How should you store them when you’ve decided to stop using plastic wrap?

Your best bet is Tupperware containers or something similar. You can snap a lid on and pop them in the fridge without any hassle. 

After you eat the leftovers the next day, the Tupperware can go in the dishwasher instead of the trash can. 

How to Use Less Plastic

Learning how to use less plastic is a bit like riding a bike. At first, it can feel awkward. But once you get the hang of how to reduce plastic use, it’s hard to forget it. 

It also helps to fill your house with more eco-friendly products. Our store has everything from wheat straws to travel mugs.

Still got questions? Feel free to contact us to find out more. 

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